Teenagers nowadays are constantly looking for an environment that is full of joy!

As we embark on the journey of transforming ourselves from an ordinary tuition centre, we know we need a new environment that is conducive for youth development. That is the main reason why  Youth Zone is created.

As its name implies, Youth Zone is a place specially designed for youths.

It is a place where teenagers learn and study together (tuition & training), live every day to its fullest with a positive attitude and grow together to become a better leader!

It is not just a place which is full of joy, but also full of love!



Our team of friendly, energetic and capable coaches are committed to positively influence the students to progress in their studies. The team is led by a principal with an experience of over 10 years.

Our coaches are Master / degree holders with extensive teaching experience!

Our proprietary teaching materials

  • Provide HIGH QUALITY teaching materials > Mind Map

Our advanced teaching and learning method

  • Super memory skills
  • Mind Map book




Youth Leadership Training System with proven results. More than 500 students (and still counting) have benefited from this program. This world is desperate for more future leaders who can solve problems! Our weekly leadership training is designed to help students.

  • have a leader’s belief
  • build positive mindset
  • build good habits
  • improve communication skill
  • improve their public speaking ability
  • instil teamwork mindset
  • express their thoughts clearly
  • the world hungers for more future leaders capable in problem solving
  • assigned to a coach

One-to-one coaching services

  • Customise the need of students to help them grow
  • Each student will be assigned a coach as his/her mentor




Teenagers nowadays are exposed to various temptations and distractions.

Our holiday programs are designed to put teenagers’ time to their maximum use. Through these activities, they will learn the importance of becoming a good team player, the method to communicate effectively with others and the values embedded in every activity.

During the school holidays, most teenagers would spend the whole day indulging themselves in their mobile games, television programmes or trivial activities such as loitering at the digital playground or shopping complexes.

Since 2013, we have also been organizing 3-day leadership camps during school holidays for teenagers. These camps serve as booster for teenagers to acquire knowledge and skills through teaching, experiential learning, interactive activities, student-friendly competition, games and sharing sessions. Till 2018, we have successfully carried out 14 camps with various themes. At least 750 students have benefited from these camps so far.


  3-day Leadership Camps

Systematic approach to train your kids